Wednesday, May 02, 2018

7000 channels IPTV

🔴 universe iptv 🔴
* The server has approximatel 7000 channels and operates IPTV
* Now sign up and watch all matches in the World Cup Russia 2018
** To try the server on any Android device Download the application of Pena from Google Play called Universe TV for Android and continue to upload your messages.
** Support devices for the server: -
IPTV Ripper
- any screen or smart screen orroid or TV Box Android
- Any ComputerOr Mobile either Android or iPhone or iPad or Apple Tv or Xbox.
** Server does not need a dish receiver, but only needs a device with support and Internet not less than 4 MB
** Arab packages on the server: -
- Includes Albin Sport, Showtime and many exclusive Arabic packages such as My HD package and Bein Entertainment. There are also all Nilesat channels.
- Showtime package is very special because most of the live broadcast and not recorded and very many.
- Albin Sport is available in 5 Gaudat 4K - 1080 - HD - SD - LOW
And the number of copies of the interface 8 copies means that if the problem in any version is available Lake 7 other copies are watching them also there are:
* Abu Dhabi Sports Center * Channels Osn Sport
* MBC Pro Sport channels * Wrestling channel Direct view OSN wwe
** Foreign packages on the server: -
- Includes the most famous international packages encoded, such as Nova, Takila, Baka yes, Baka Esca Italy, Germany, England, Kellat Sat, Sivra, Polsat, DJ Turk, Digital B and other exclusive packages in addition to the most important channels from all countries of the world
** There is a library movies special surfer includes the latest Arabic and foreign films and also the most famous foreign international series
--- And there is also in the Library films 3D exclusively exclusively for us and for the science of all films of the library B name of each film to facilitate the quick access to the film I want
** We have a special Android application for the server Altnrvlh Google Blay name Universe tv after what you do Bitlab only you and the Alozr Bassador
The application's advantage is that it channels channels in the form of bouquets and favorites to facilitate access to any channel in the server
For six server channels.…/t…/Universe+IPTV+Channel+List.txt
The prices of subscriptions
- All countries of the world pay through Western Union and Paypal.
3 months with € 30
6 months with € 50
The year is € 80
********************************************** ***********************
🔴🔴 Packages working on the IPTV server: -
🔴 Bein Sport channels complete and there are 8 copies with 5 quality
4K - 1080 - HD - SD - LOW
🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴
The Abu Dhabi Sports Club
🔴 The rest of ART
🔴 Greek Neva
The rest of Italy
The rest of England
🔴 The rest of Alaska Germany
🔴 The rest is French French
🔴 Turkish Turki Turki
🔴 The entire digital media
🔴 The rest is Spanish
🔴 The remaining Poles
🔴 Famous American channels
🔴 Famous Canadian channels
🔴 Famous Indian channels
🔴 Famous Romanian channels
🔴 The most famous Scandinavian channels
🔴Channel Dutch channels
🔴 Famous Portuguese channels
🔴 Famous Russian channels
🔴Channel Czech channels
🔴Chair of bouquets from the rest of the world
🔴🔴 In addition to all unencrypted Nilesat channels to be addressed to the expatriate brothers in areas beyond the coverage of Nilesat. 12 MONTHS FOR ONLY 80 EUROS !!! 
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